Non-surgical rhinoplasty training
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Facial Aesthetic Courses Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty gained a lot of media exposure when the term ‘the 15 minute nose job’ was coined by the aesthetics industry. It is a very popular treatment, however requires a great deal of knowledge and skill to perform safely and effectively.

It is popular among all patient demographics, and is very effective at balancing the profile of the face and creating harmony and symmetry.

Training emphasis is on detailed anatomical knowledge, combined with safe injection strategies for effective results with minimal complications. Our non surgical rhinoplasty masterclass will give you all the necessary training that you need to safely provide these treatments. Learn the gold standard approach at Facial Aesthetic Courses.

Every FAC delegate completes 2 essential e-learning modules; Anatomy & complications. For the Level 3 masterclass courses you will then complete the appropriate e-learning modules related to your course. All of the online content is relevant to the hands on aspect of the courses and students are expected to study this and confidently apply the knowledge on the day.

  • advanced anatomy
  • facial assessment
  • aetiology of facial ageing
  • product rheology
  • treatment strategies
  • complications management
  • access to our video portal with a host of HD treatment demonstrations.

The hands on day begin with some peer to peer discussion and a recap of the online learning material. Participants should use the E-learning to their advantage before coming to the course. Following the recap, the day will be spent treating models with a variety of presentations including:

  • Small Groups
  • Pre Course E-learning
  • Needle Vs Cannulation for Nose augmentation
  • Dorsal Hump camouflage
  • Radix and Tip Elevation
  • Complicatons

Non-surgical rhinoplasty course:

Nose Filler Training and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Training Courses in Glasgow & London

Spend a session with one of our advanced training injectors learning about nose presentations and how dermal fillers can be injected into the nose to create a smoother appearance and balance the profile.

Our advanced trainers have years of industry experience and have performed thousands of procedures, of which they can share their tips and insights to help you become a safer, more confident injector.

Facial Aesthetic Courses Botox and Dermal Filler Training

This course if perfect for practitioners:

  • who would like to master non-surgical rhinoplasty
  • who would like to understand the facial angles in relation to nose reshaping
  • looking to understand the ideal nose proportions and angles
  • looking to learn about the anatomy of the nose and surrounding tissues
  • looking for an update in the latest GOLD STANDARD treatment approaches
  • looking to learn the use of micro-cannulas
  • looking to effectively diagnose and treatment plan
  • looking to learn how to manage complications including the use of hyaluronidase
  • looking to learn about photography and marketing

If you are looking to do any of these things mentioned above, then this course would be perfect for you. Give us a call today and a member of our friendly team will answer any question that you have!

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More about this course

Traditional aesthetic courses focus on teaching only the basic treatment applications of Botulinum Toxin first.

This often leaves the you without the proper knowledge to provide a comprehsnive treatment for your patients. This leaves most practitioners feeling they need to attend further courses to learn the rest, or worse again not following on with their practicing career due to a loss of confidence.

At FACE our approach is different. We have taken your needs into account and our teaching is based on a holistic, comprehensive approach to providing Botulinum Toxin treatments.

Our online pre-course modules are designed for you to learn as much as possible beforehand, so that you can focus on the practical element of the treatments and get as much hands on training as possible on the day.

We teach you how to provide upper and lower face treatments safely, to ensure your patients receive a full face approach.

We provide continuing support for our delegates afterwards, with online CPD modules and lots of further reading if you are interested. We also have an online forum for all FACE practitioners to discuss cases, post photographs or ask questions. Let us learn and grow together!

Then, when you feel ready to take on more advanced treatments and cases, you are invited to attend one of our advanced masterclass sessions.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty training
£950.00 (ex VAT)

Benefits of Studying Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Courses With Facial Aesthetic

FAC are renowned for providing industry leading training and support. Our dermal filler courses in London and Glasgow are helping thousands of practitioners improve their knowledge and skills, and the non-surgical rhinoplasty filler course is one of the most popular available in our portfolio.

  • Intimate learning (max 4:1 trainee: tutor)
  • Cannula and Needle techniques
  • Teoxane Dermal Fillers (Teosyal& RHA portfolio)
  • Botox modalities in the Nasal area
  • Consultation skills, assessment & treatment planning
  • In-depth nose anatomy and morphology tutorials
  • Live patient injecting (multiple models per trainee)
  • Complications prevention & management
  • Hyaluronidase Tutorial
  • Business & marketing support
  • Competency assessed

Why Not- Future Proof Your Career with a Nose Filler Training Course?

The FAC non-surgical nose filler course is for practitioners with a minimum of  foundation and intermediate level training in dermal fillers who are looking to add to their treatment portfolio.

This is an advanced course, and will help practitioners improve on both underlying knowledge of facial assessment, ageing and anatomy, as well as advanced treatment techniques; expanding their range of treatments for their patients.

Practitioners including doctors, dentists, dental therapists, registered nurses and midwives can apply for this course.

Please remember Hyaluronic Acid is a Medical Device and therefore direct access is available in the UK, however we recommend working with a prescriber for safety and access to emergency drugs such as Hyaluronidase.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty training
£950.00 (ex VAT)

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