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“Our passion is your education.”

In the current climate, the key is to find a balance between good education and value for money. A University Degree or Level 7 Diploma for example may cover a vast amount of information and provide a qualification at the end of it, but that comes at huge price of time and money (£10k-30k on average), for something that at this moment in time is not compulsory and with no guarantee of additional competency or income and employment.

At the other end of the scale, a one day botox and filler fast track course is unlikely to deliver the information and training required to understand these disciplines, and certainly doesn’t instil clinical safety and competence.

At Facial Aesthetic Courses, we are trying to find the middle ground by providing courses of the highest level which are both extremely hands on, educational and exceptional value for money.

Our online learning platform provides a wealth of theoretical knowledge delivered in a user friendly manner, and allows your training journey to be monitored and tested, covering all the requirements to become a safe and ethical practitioner. Our hands on courses allow for practicing the necessary skills and building the confidence required to treat patients. The courses are broken down into 3 levels, with practitioners starting at foundation level, progressing through 4 core masterclasses at level 2, before going on to two advanced masterclasses in level 3.

The best hands on cosmetic botox and filler training courses for dentists, doctors, registered nurses and healthcare professionals.

So, what makes us stand out from the rest?

Facial Aesthetic Course Hands On
  • Extremely Hands On Courses with live patient models

    We guarantee you will inject at least 2 models per course

  • Pre- Course e-Learning platform

    Our intelligent e-Learning platform monitors your progress. Explore interactive modules, formative exercises, and use our forum reflect on your practical training.

  • Post-course support and mentoring

    Our team is always on hand to help you after the course.

  • In depth theoretical training to support your knowledge

    Pre-course E-learning  followed by classroom based lectures.

  • Gold standard injection techniques

    Developed by industry leading aesthetic trainers

Facial Aesthetic Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to attend a Facial Aesthetic Course?

  • We ONLY accept bookings from fully qualified and registered Doctors, Nurses & Midwives, Dentists & Dental Hygienists/Therapists and IP Pharmacists who hold a current valid registration.

What is the current economic climate?

  • We are seeing a significant increase in Non-Surgical treatments, whilst surgical cosmetic treatment rates begin to fall further, so now has never been a better time to learn from our experts and begin your journey.


  • A degree in medicine, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, dental hygiene/therapy
  • A valid GMC/NMC/GDC/GPhC number (referenced before you attend)
  • English as a first language, or English Language Testing System (IELTS) 7.0 in all components

Will I be injecting patients?

  • A fundamental element of training in facial aesthetics training is treating real patients.
  • We provide approximately 2 patient models per trainee per course , for an assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan and then injecting.
  • Our aim is patient safety and ethical well thought out treatment plans, which may involve multiple areas to inject, therefore the number of patients isn’t key, your experience and confidence is.

Before the hands on course

  • You will receive your log in to our bespoke e-Learning platform containing in depth article, questions and videos of treatments which will ensure you maximise your hands on learning
  • Our courses are located in London and in Glasgow with near by transport links and hotels- ask us if you need help planning your stay.
  • Each and every course day begins with a morning lecture and friendly informal discussion, giving you a pleasant environment to learn in.

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