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Course introduction

The aesthetics industry hosts a variety of practitioners from different professional backgrounds including doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives and pharmacists, each bringing their own individual knowledge and skills. At FAC we want to ensure a standardised level of knowledge and understanding before attendance of our courses, and as such we have developed an e-learning platform that provides pre-course reading and self intuition, as well as a resource for life long learning and continuous professional development.

Which level of access you gain to the e-learning platform will dependant on the course level you are entering at.

Doctor Led Academy

Fully Accredited

Hands On Training


  • Standardised minimum level of knowledge for all practitioners
  • Content created by industry leading clinicians
  • Contributes to raising industry standards
  • Learn in your own time and develop knowledge and confidence before the course
  • Trainers can track student progress
  • Treatment demonstration videos to aid learning
  • Module based learning with tests of knowledge
  • Student area with literature and scientific papers, consent forms and treatment records
  • Unlimited membership time so you can revisit the information anytime as a resource for revision and CPD

Essential E-Learning

There are two mandatory modules for every level of practitioner; Anatomy and Complications.
These “essential modules” are part of our best practice policy to ensure our students are safe to practice.

The idea behind our essential e-learning modules is to standardise the level of knowledge that a practitioner has before coming on the hands on courses. So whether you are a practitioner with a high level of anatomy knowledge such as a dentist or surgeon, or our haven’t done much if any facial anatomy training as part of your undergraduate degree our anatomy e-learning platform will ensure you are at a competent level.

The complications module introduces all of the possible injection related complications that can occur when injecting botulinum toxin and dermal filler. Again, competence is essential before treating patients.

Level 1 E-Learning

Our level 1 courses are classed as “foundation level” however are significantly more thorough and informative than the average competitors foundation course. As such, delegates who have completed foundation level at other training academies often feel the information is far more in depth, and could be classed as “intermediate level.”

There are separate online courses for Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers, each are module based with a test of knowledge quiz before completion. Your e-learning progress can be monitored by our mentors, ensuring completion and competency.

Dermal Filler Course

  • Dermal Filler Theory
  • Hyaluronic Acid Science
  • Rheology and properties
  • Assessment and treatment planing
  • Relevant Anatomy
  • Facial Ageing Theories
  • Injection techniques & applications
  • Treatment areas and protocols
  • Aftercare and complications
  • Facial Assessment Practical
  • Complications practical
  • Anatomy Practical
  • Simple Lip Enhancement
  • Simple Lip Rejuvenation

Botulinum Toxin course

  • History and licensing
  • Pharmacology and mechanism of action
  • Skin and Ageing
  • Relevant anatomy
  • Materials and reconstitution
  • Injection techniques
  • Assessment
  • Treatment areas protocols
  • Aftercare and complications
  • Glabellar Complex “11s”
  • Forehead - Frontalis
  • Crows Feet - Lateral Orbicularis Oculi
  • Bunny Lines - nasalis
  • Eyebrow Lift

Level 2 & 3 E-Learning

Our level 2 and 3 masterclasses also come with an e-learning modules to compliment the practical session on the day.

The content is in a lecture based slideshow format, and will be re-visited on the day of the course in a classroom style lecture format.

Our 6 masterclasses include Cheek and Mid-face, Lip and Perioral, Chin and Jawline, Advanced Toxin, Tear Trough & Non-surgical Rhinoplasty.


Botulinum Toxin 1 Day Course

Dermal Filler 1 Day Course

Combined Botox & Filler Course

Cheek & Mid-face Aesthetic Masterclass

Lip & Perioral Masterclass

Advanced Botox Masterclass

Chin & Jawline Aesthetic Masterclass

Tear Trough Masterclass

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Training

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