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Book Your Tear Trough Masterclass in Glasgow

The tear trough and periorbital region is classified as an advanced treatment area due to the complex anatomy and risk of postoperative complications. Injectors require a thorough understanding of the micro-anatomy of the periorbital tissues, coupled with an undertaking of how to manage potential complications. Your journey will begin on our e-learning portal, which is our fundamental teaching method for the knowledge required to start injecting. You can learn more about this on the e-learning page.

Every FAC delegate completes 2 essential e-learning modules; Anatomy & complications. For the Level 3 masterclass courses you will then complete the appropriate e-learning modules related to your course. All of the online content is relevant to the hands-on aspect of the courses and students are expected to study this and confidently apply the knowledge on the day.

  PLEASE NOTE: Course is 4 hours and will either run 9-1pm or – 1-5pm, our team will confirm upon booking.

Doctor Led Academy

Fully Accredited

Hands On Training


(ex VAT)



Set a solid knowledge foundation with our pre-course e-learning

Intimate Bespoke Teaching

4:1 1 Max Delegate Trainer Ratio

Extremely Hands

on Average 2 models per delegate with split face injecting

All upper face toxin areas covered

Ensuring delegates have a diverse experience

At a Glance


  • Rheology and properties
  • Assessment and treatment planning
  • Relevant Anatomy
  • Facial Ageing Theories related to the mid and upper face
  • Injection techniques & applications
  • Treatment areas and protocols
  • Aftercare and complications


  • Anatomy practical on tear trough and periorbital tissues
  • Tear trough rejuvenation with Cannula
  • Lateral lid-cheek lift with needle and Cheek

About This Course

The FAC Level 3 advanced masterclasses are the final step of our pathway towards excellence for dermal fillers.

Classed as “advanced level” these courses are for practitioners with foundation and intermediate training in dermal fillers, with a minimum of 1 year of injecting experience. We strongly advise having a strong portfolio of injecting experience, complications handling and preferably attendance of a cadaver direction anatomy course.

We can not teach “how” to think without first teaching “what” to think. It’s vitally important to have a strong knowledge base about facial ageing & aesthetic medicine, before proceeding to the skill of injecting dermal fillers.

We want to provide you with the whole picture, to help you understand the “why we inject” before we teach you the “where” and “how.

PLEASE NOTE: Course is 4 hours and will either run 9-1pm or – 1-5pm, our team will confirm upon booking.

Course Structure

Am I eligible to attend a Facial Aesthetic Course?

We ONLY accept bookings from fully qualified and registered Doctors, Nurses & Midwives, Dentists & Dental Hygienists/Therapists and IP Pharmacists who hold a current valid registration.

What is the current economic climate?

We are seeing a significant increase in Non-Surgical treatments, whilst surgical cosmetic treatment rates begin to fall further, so now has never been a better time to learn from our experts and begin your journey.

Entry Requirements

  • A degree in medicine, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, dental hygiene/therapy
  • A valid GMC/NMC/GDC/GPhC number (referenced before you attend)
  • English as a first language, or English Language Testing System (IELTS) 7.0 in all components

Will I be injecting patients?

  • A fundamental element of training in facial aesthetics training is treating real patients.
  • We provide approximately 2 patient models per trainee per course , for an assessmentdiagnosis and treatment plan and then injecting.
  • Our aim is patient safety and ethical well thought out treatment plans, which may involve multiple areas to inject, therefore the number of patients isn’t key, your experience and confidence is.

Before the hands on course

  • You will receive your log in to our bespoke e-Learning platform containing in depth article, questions and videos of treatments which will ensure you maximise your hands on learning
  • Our courses are located in London and in Glasgow with near by transport links and hotels- ask us if you need help planning your stay.
  • Each and every course day begins with a morning lecture and friendly informal discussion, giving you a pleasant environment to learn in.

Combined Botox & Dermal Filler


Per Person (Ex VAT)

A two-day combination course which includes the 1-day dermal filler course as well as the 1-day Botulinum Toxin course.

  • E-learning Included
  • Full Theory & Practical Covered
  • Minumum 2 patients per condidate
  • Perfect for beginners

Advanced Botox Masterclass


Per Person (Ex VAT)

This course will revisit the upper face in greater detail, to ensure precise and predictable results for your patients.

  • E-learning Included
  • Full Theory & Practical Covered
  • Minumum 2 patients per condidate
  • Perfect for experienced practitioners.

Lip & Perioral Masterclass


Per Person (Ex VAT)

Perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge with more advanced techniques in the lip and peri oral areas.

  • E-learning Included
  • Full Theory & Practical Covered
  • Minumum 2 patients per condidate
  • Perfect for experienced practitioners.

All Courses

Botulinum Toxin 1 Day Course

Dermal Filler 1 Day Course

Combined Botox & Filler Course

Cheek & Mid-face Aesthetic Masterclass

Lip & Perioral Masterclass

Advanced Botox Masterclass

Chin & Jawline Aesthetic Masterclass

Tear Trough Masterclass

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Training

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