Facial Aesthetic Courses run a number of professional aesthetic training courses which will allow you to develop your skills in the field of cosmetic injections. Part of our psychology is not to purely provide cosmetic injection courses but to build an entire learning platform. When you join Facial Aesthetic Courses for aesthetic training courses, no matter what kind, you will be welcomed into our alumnae. With this you will be given continual support in your cosmetic training journey, even into your practicing career.

With Facial Aesthetic Courses it is not simply a case of gaining a qualification which will assist you in furthering your career opportunities – it is the chance to join a network of well-practiced individuals in the field of cosmetics.

Botulinum Toxin Foundation (1)

1 Day Course

Dermal Filler Foundation (2)

1 Day Course

Weekend Combined (A1+A2) Botox & Filler Course

2 Day Course

Chin & Jawline Masterclass

1 Day Course

Cheek & Tear Trough Masterclass

1 Day Course

Lip Filler & Perioral Masterclass

1 Day Course

**NEW** Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty

Hands On Course

INJECTION TRAINING COURSES | Facial Aesthetic Training Courses Botox, Dermal, Lip, Fillers Training Courses


The Facial Aesthetic Courses’s injection training courses are perfect for healthcare professionals wishing to expand their professional skill set, mainly:


If you are already a qualified nurse (including midwife) then you are completely eligible and well suited for Botox training and dermal filler courses.

Cosmetic clinics often favour nurses who have completed aesthetic training courses. As a nurse who practices in cosmetic injections you will be covered against changes in the law centred around those who can practice in cosmetic injections. This makes you a more attractive candidate then those who are not also a medical professional.


Any dentist who wishes to expand into aesthetic medicine is well placed to succeed and Facial Aesthetic Courses’s aesthetic training courses are the way to get there. Dentists are so well suited to the field of cosmetics because they already have extensive knowledge and experience in administering injections to the facial area. They are also used to dealing with the complexities of the maxillofacial area and can prescribe to patients. All this will allow you to easily incorporate Botox and Dermal Filler procedures into your current practice.

It is increasingly becoming apparent that job opportunities within cosmetic clinics are going to trained healthcare professionals such as dentists. This has come about due to the new HEE guidelines which are part of the movement towards tighter regulations in cosmetic medicine.

As a dentist, you will have job security in the field of cosmetics even with the regulations coming into effect concerning who is able to administer cosmetic procedures.


A side career is cosmetic procedures is ideal for any current practicing GPs simply by participating in injection training courses. Due to the fact that doctors already have prescribing rights you would be able to work completely independently away from a cosmetic clinic if you desired to do so.

After the Keogh Review in 2013 there have been an increase in regulations that the cosmetics industry now faces. New HEE guidelines have meant that many aesthetic employment opportunities are going to trained doctors. Currently, anyone administering Botox without medical training require a doctor to prescribe botulinum toxins for them – why not cut out the middle man and have the doctor also administering the toxins?


Facial Aesthetic Courses provides several aesthetic training courses at both of our locations; Glasgow & London. The cosmetic training courses we provide are:

  • Advanced Aesthetics Masterclass (1 Day)

    Our Advanced Aesthetics Masterclass give you the opportunity to spend the day looking in-depth at facial aesthetics; focusing on different treatments to different areas of the face. With these facial training courses we would encourage you to advise us of 2-3 treatments you are most interested in covering. We will endeavour to cover as many of these as possible at these cosmetic training courses.

  • Botulinum Toxin (1 Day)

    These injection training courses are perfect for those clinicians wishing to gain skills in the popular injection technique of Botulinum Toxin. By the end of this one day Botulinum Toxin course the participant should have confidence in using injectables.

  • Dermal Filler (1 Day)

    These cosmetic training courses are perfect for those wishing to gain a deeper knowledge and gain experience in the use of dermal fillers. This 1-day Dermal Fillers course will take you through everything you will need to know about the cosmetic uses of dermal fillers. By the end of the day you should be confident enough to assess, plan and administer a comprehensive treatment plan for all areas of the face.

  • Combined Botox & Dermal Fillers (2 Days)

    This 2-day course combines two of our most popular aesthetic training courses – dermal filler and Botox. On day one you will learn about the uses of Botulinum Toxin and how to administer this type of treatment effectively. Day 2 will focus on dermal fillers and by the end of the two day course you should be fully confident in the use of injectables to administer both Botox and dermal fillers.

  • Level 7 Injectables (2 Days)

    Our Level 7 Injectables is the highest qualification we offer. It is fully HEE guideline complaint and is designed specifically for doctors and other healthcare professionals. A report by the HEE in 2016 gave a deadline of September 2018 for all practitioners to complete this qualification. This will ensure consistency across new practitioners and current existing ones.

    At The Face Academy, we place a great emphasis on both e-learning and practical learning when it comes to our aesthetic training courses. E-learning is the best way for participants to learn what is expected of them – both on our cosmetic training courses and out in industry as practitioners. The practical hands on training will give participants an idea of what it is like to work in a real cosmetic clinic.


If you are currently a dentist, nurse or doctor by qualification then you could open up many more career opportunities with the help of Facial Aesthetic Courses’s cosmetic training courses. There are endless benefits to a career in aesthetic medicine including:

  • Increased Revenue – not only are aesthetic procedures rewarding to administer but they are also extremely financially rewarding. Completing injection training courses are a fabulous way to get qualified and can be very profitable when you begin to put them into practice and take on clients.
  • Another Professional Platform – Once you have completed our aesthetic training courses it doesn’t mean that you need to give up your current job. The beauty of aesthetics is it can run as a simple adjunct to your current practice. You may even have a current client list that you could incorporate into your aesthetic practice.
  • Build Upon Professional Skills – Any health care worker can benefit from gaining skills in ageing-related dermatology and facial anatomy. These skills can be learned through our aesthetic training courses. It can be a useful addition to your current skills in cosmetic dentistry as well as pure aesthetics.
  • Regular Patients – Dental and medical patients typically only return once a year or less whereas cosmetic patients often come for treatments every 3-6 months. This is usually to top up the temporary effects of Botox and dermal filler. If you complete cosmetic training courses and are well versed in the procedures and patient care, then you should be able to build up a loyal client base fairly quickly.
  • Patient Satisfaction – There is more than just financial gains from cosmetic procedures, you will also gain on a personal level from a patient’s satisfaction and gratitude following a great procedure and result.


There are many reasons which set us apart from other aesthetic training courses in the UK. Not only do we provide our clients with expert training in cosmetic procedures but we also support them every step of the way. When you join Facial Aesthetic Courses for any of our aesthetic training courses you will be given support from start to finish and well into your practicing career, should you need it. Join our network and gain the following benefits:

Industry Leading Learning & Development

We have a number of different aesthetic training courses designed to support your knowledge and development no matter what you are looking for. Whether you are interested in our formal training pathway, such as our Combined Botox and Dermal Fillers Course or to simply top up any skills and improve your current practice with one of our Advanced Masterclasses, we have a bespoke training package just for you.

Learn from The Best

Our team of international experts can teach you about ethics, patient assessment and high impact treatment planning. Our learning modules are specifically designed for doctors and healthcare professionals by top cosmetic doctors and academics. Following the ACE guidelines we deliver Gold standard, industry leading training. We are confident that when you graduate that you will be more than prepared for your new career in aesthetics.

Hands On Experience

With Facial Aesthetic Courses you will be shadowing an experienced aesthetic doctor, this allows you to get a feel for what it’s really like working in a cosmetic clinic and how you can build this as a career for yourself.

Value for Money

Our courses are an investment into your future. With our online portal you can revisit our training videos and get support on our training forum. All included with your course booking.