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Whether you are looking for a formal training pathway such as our E-learning to support your knowledge and development, or selective hands-on courses to up-skill and improve your practice, Facial Aesthetic Courses has a bespoke training package just for you.


Pre Course e-Learning

To give YOU the most from your hands on practical learning we have developed a BESPOKE learning platform just for YOU. Develop your understanding of what it means to be a FACIAL AESTHETIC PRACTITIONER by watching videos and completing questions so that by the time you sit our course you’ll be familiar with our concepts and GAIN much much more from the day.


Learn From a Team of International Experts.

Learn from the best with our ethics, patient assessment and high impact treatment planning, learning modules are designed for doctors by leading cosmetic doctors and academics. We are confident that when you graduate you will be well equipped to embark on a successful career in aesthetics.


Extensive Practical Experience.

By shadowing and being supervised by an experienced aesthetic doctor, our mentoring scheme allows you to experience what it is really like working in a cosmetic clinic, and how to build this as a career for yourself.


Value for Money.

Compared to annual university fees, our qualification is the best value option available to practitioners wishing to train to the new, higher standards expected in the aesthetics specialty. Benefit from our forum and continued access to our e-Learning platform.

Why You Should Choose

a career in Aesthetic medicine

Increased Revenue Stream

Cosmetic procedures are not only very rewarding to perform but are also a great way to generate a healthy income from your job. Aesthetic practice can be very profitable.

A simple adjunct to your current practice

You don’t even need to give up your current work to start a career in aesthetics. Cosmetic procedures can easily be incorporated into your existing work schedule. You probably even have an existing list of clients to get you started.

Build new skills

Ageing-related dermatology and facial anatomy will add to any health care workers’ appreciation of facial aesthetics. This can be a useful adjunct for cosmetic dental work, as well as pure aesthetics work.

Reliable patients

Unlike dental and medical patients who may return only annually, cosmetic patients tend to return every 3-6 months to top up the temporary effects of the toxins and fillers procedures. This creates a regular income steam from a stable and loyal patient base, from which you can only grow.

Patient Satisfaction

There is a lot to be gained on a personal level from a patient’s gratitude following a fantastic aesthetic result.

Why Aesthetics for?


If you are a qualified midwife or nurse (including prescribers and non-prescribers), then you are eligible and well suited for botulinum toxin (Botox or anti-wrinkle), and hyaluronic acid dermal filler training.

Employment opportunities in cosmetic clinics are increasingly going to nurses and other medical professionals. For nurses, this is good news: your career in aesthetics is protected against changes to the law around who can practice cosmetic procedures.

The Face Academy is one of the first in the UK to provide nurses with a Level 7 qualification in Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers. Unlike others, this course is based specifically on HEE recommendations, and will allow you to meet the latest training requirement without needing to return to university to study a postgraduate degree.

Our medical training course is tailored to the skill-set and needs of nurses who are entering, or already practicing in, the expanding field of aesthetic medicine.

If you want to secure your place at the forefront of aesthetic nursing, start today.


If you are a dentist who wants to go into aesthetic medicine then you are well-placed to succeed. Not only do you have a plethora of relevant practical experience administering injections to the face and dealing with the complex maxillofacial area, but you are also able to prescribe. This allows you to easily incorporate the popular botulinum toxin procedures into your practice.

The Keogh Review (2013) and new HEE guidelines mark the crest of a wave moving toward regulation of cosmetic medicine. Increasingly, employment opportunities are going to highly-trained cosmetic practitioners who can also provide proper clinical oversight.

As a dentist, your career in aesthetics is immune to upcoming regulatory changes around who can practice cosmetic procedures, provided you study to the appropriate level specified in the HEE guidelines. We summarise these here.

The Face Academy has built a Level 7 qualification based specifically on HEE guidelines, which allows dentists to meet the latest recommendations without needing to return to university to study a master’s degree.


GPs and other doctors are well-positioned to take advantage of a full-time or side career in aesthetic medicine by training in botulinum toxin (botox) and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Prescribing rights enable doctors to practice entirely independently, but also be in high demand in cosmetic clinics.

As the aesthetics industry faces increasing regulation after the Keogh Review (2013) and HEE guidelines (2015: 2016), many of the aesthetic employment opportunities are going to fully-trained aesthetic doctors. Current practitioners without medical training require doctors to prescribe botulinum toxins for them, but why not be the one administering it as well? Crucially, doctors are able to provide clinical oversight, in line with HEE requirements, meaning that your career in aesthetics is protected against future changes to regulations in the industry.

Fortunately, doctors no longer  need complete a university master’s degree in aesthetics to practice in line with the latest GMC guidelines. The Face Academy’s Level 7 qualification is based specifically on HEE and GMC guidelines for doctors who practice cosmetic interventions. This doctor-led course is tailored to the skill-set and needs of doctors entering, or already practicing in, the lucrative field of aesthetic medicine.

Secure your place at the forefront of the aesthetics speciality.

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