Lip & Perioral Masterclass
£650.00 (ex VAT)

Our Lip and Perioral Masterclass will give you the skills and expertise to provide beautiful, plump lips and restored facial features on the lower face.

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Do you want to create natural and proportionate lips? Do you want to learn how to rejuvenate the ageing lip using botox or dermal fillers? Our lip and perioral masterclass will give you all the necessary training that you need. Learn the gold standard approach at Facial Aesthetic Courses. We do not believe the lips to be an isolated unit of the face and as such our approach includes mid and lowers face assessment and treatments. At our lip injection training, you will also learn about popular and sought after face injections. Call us today to find out more about our aesthetic courses.

As with all our courses, learning begins in your own time with our e-Learning Portal. We back our practical work with our online courses to ensure that you have the right information and learning. Whether you work better on your own or in a classroom, our online courses are made to fit both. We give you the classroom experience straight from your home. Facial Aesthetic Courses have created the E-learning to the highest standard to make sure that everyone is able to learn at the same pace. We understand that the individual taking this course are well educated and have continued their education further. For this reason, the information and medical terms used should be well understood by participants. We include many features into our E-learning, including:

  • advanced anatomy
  • facial assessment
  • aetiology of facial ageing
  • product rheology
  • treatment strategies
  • complications management
  • access to our video portal with a host of HD treatment demonstrations.

The hands on day begin with some peer to peer discussion and a recap of the online learning material. Participants should use the E-learning to their advantage before coming to the course. Following the recap, the day will be spent treating models with a variety of presentations including:

  • Lip enhancement and beautification
  • dermal filler for perioral lines
  • dermal filler for marionette lines
  • botox injections for sagging mouth corners
  • botox injections for high gummy smiles
  • botox injections for perioral lines (smokers lines)

Lip treatments are popular throughout all patient demographics; male and female, young and old. This course is designed to deliver the confidence needed to build your practice around these popular treatments and eliminate unnecessary complications and downtime.

Remember, facial aesthetics treatments should be approached holistically. With this in mid, we have recommended that this course is combined with the chin and jawline masterclass which runs on the same day. Taking bout courses will allow you to develop a global injection strategy, increasing the amount of treatments that you offer and improving patient satisfaction.

Lip Augmentation Course:

Join Lip Filler Training Courses to Master it as Any-Level Practitioner Who Is This Course for?

At Facial Aesthetic Courses, we want to encourage and teach individuals the skills to achieve their Botox & filler certification. There are many advantages to this aesthetics course. All over the country men and women are dissatisfied with their appearance. For this reason, more and more people are looking to cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic treatments to transform their looks. As there is such a high demand, people are going to unregistered, low trained individuals for their treatments, which results in many botched jobs.

The more trained individuals that are truly passionate about aesthetic medicine, the less opportunity for botched jobs.

This course if perfect for practitioners:

  • who would like to master lip enhancement
  • who would like to master rejuvenating the lips and surrounding tissues
  • looking to understand how the lower face ages and how to rejuvenate with toxin and filler
  • looking to learn how to correctly assess the lower face proportions
  • looking for an update in the latest GOLD STANDARD treatment approaches
  • looking to learn the use of micro-cannulas
  • looking to effectively diagnose and treatment plan
  • looking to learn about the relative 3D anatomy of the perioral tissues
  • looking to learn how to manage complications including the use of hyaluronidase
  • looking to learn about photography and marketing

If you are looking to do any of these things mentioned above, then this course would be perfect for you. Give us a call today and a member of our friendly team will answer any question that you have!

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More about this course

Traditional aesthetic courses focus on teaching only the basic treatment applications of Botulinum Toxin first.

This often leaves the you without the proper knowledge to provide a comprehsnive treatment for your patients. This leaves most practitioners feeling they need to attend further courses to learn the rest, or worse again not following on with their practicing career due to a loss of confidence.

At FACE our approach is different. We have taken your needs into account and our teaching is based on a holistic, comprehensive approach to providing Botulinum Toxin treatments.

Our online pre-course modules are designed for you to learn as much as possible beforehand, so that you can focus on the practical element of the treatments and get as much hands on training as possible on the day.

We teach you how to provide upper and lower face treatments safely, to ensure your patients receive a full face approach.

We provide continuing support for our delegates afterwards, with online CPD modules and lots of further reading if you are interested. We also have an online forum for all FACE practitioners to discuss cases, post photographs or ask questions. Let us learn and grow together!

Then, when you feel ready to take on more advanced treatments and cases, you are invited to attend one of our advanced masterclass sessions.

Lip & Perioral Masterclass
£650.00 (ex VAT)

The Benefits of Studying Cosmetic Nursing with Facial Aesthetic Courses:

All of the specialists at Facial Aesthetic Courses are well skilled in aesthetic medicine and have many years of experience under their belts. The hard work and dedication of our team give us an edge that no other company has. We are passionate about aesthetic medicine. Any participants that join our academy becomes one of the family, and we want the family to succeed. We provide everything you will ever need to pass and give you all the help you will need. We have tailored this Botox filler training course to best fit and educate our participants. Our Lip and Perioral Masterclass includes:

  • Intimate learning (max 4:1 trainee: tutor)
  • Cannula and Needle techniques
  • Teoxane Dermal Fillers (Teosyal& RHA portfolio)
  • Botox modalities in the perioral region
  • Consultation skills, assessment & treatment planning
  • In-depth Lip anatomy and morphology tutorials
  • Live patient injecting (multiple models per trainee)
  • Complications prevention & management
  • Hyaluronidase Tutorial
  • Business & marketing support
  • Competency assessed

Future Proof Your Career with a Lip Filler Certification

Here at Facial Aesthetic Courses, we fully support and thrive to achieve patient safety and clinical excellence. For this reason, we offer training to the required professional at a higher educational standard. This is why we have also established our own Clinic in order to allow participants to meet these requirements in a genuine clinical environment.

Facial Aesthetic Courses are leading the revolution of aesthetic training away from weekend courses towards a more comprehensive, competency-based certification as per other training pathways in medical specialities. Call us today for more information on our Botox filler training course and lip masterclass.

Lip & Perioral Masterclass
£650.00 (ex VAT)

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