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Facial Aesthetic Training Courses Dermal Filler Training

Our Approach to Dermal Filler Training Courses

This course is perfect for those clinicians wishing to gain skills in the popular injection aesthetic procedure of dermal fillers. This dermal fillers training course is great for doctors, dentists, dental therapists, nurses & midwives. By then end of the dermal fillers training the participant should have:

  • Used the video (E-learning) to their advantage
  • Confidence in using a variety of injecting techniques
  • Confidence in assessment and treatment planning
  • Have a knowledge of how to manage complications
  • Extensive experience of injecting on live patient models
  • Used the video (E-learning) to their advantage

Our courses are exceptionally informative and extremely hands on. We cover all essential theory online on our e-learning platform, allowing for a comprehensive practical experience on the day of the course.

Facial Aesthetic Training Approach
Dermal Filler 1 Day Course
£1000.00 (ex VAT)

Get Hands-On Dermal Filler Training for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Midwives from the Industry Recognised Experts

We believe that a Level 1 filler course must have a compressive amount of theory on all aspects of facial aesthetics from facial ageing to complications. Delegates must demonstrate a safe level of knowledge and understanding before proceeding to injecting patients. The practical will focus on the lip and perioral area as this the best treatment to build your business from the outset, while providing safe and effective patient care. 

Dermal Filler Training:

Who Is This Course for?

This Level 1 Dermal Filler Training Course is aimed at Beginner and Intermediate Level Practitioners including Doctors, Dentists, Dental Therapists, Registered Nurses & Midwives. We also accept Clinical Pharmacists with existing experience in facial Aesthetics. Please remember Hyaluronic Acid is a Medical Device and therefore direct access is available in the UK, with no prescription required (March, 2020)

The is the best dermal fillers training course for nurses, doctors and dentists in the UK, with courses available every month in Glasgow and London.

Dermal Filler Training Courses :

What You Need to Know

At Facial Aesthetic Courses, we aim to give you the highest standard of training and help when it comes to dermal filler training. For this reason, we ensure that what we provide is efficient when it comes to Injectables. Here is everything that you should know about our dermal filler training courses:

  • Intimate learning (max 4:1 trainee: tutor)
  • Cannula and Needle techniques
  • Teoxane Dermal Fillers ( Teosyal & RHA portfolio)
  • Full face assessment & treatment planning
  • In-depth anatomy tutorials
  • Live patient injecting (multiple models per trainee)
  • Complications prevention & management
  • Hyaluronidase Tutorial
  • Business & marketing support
  • Competency assessed

Safety is extremely important to us, thus  we put satisfactory training procedures in place to ensure that participants are competent and proficient in their practice.

For our l Level 1 Dermal Filler Courses we cover full facial assessment and a full face approach to treatment, however we focus only on lip and perioral treatment on the hands on aspect of the course. 

We believe this is safe starting point for practitioners, with lip procedures being one of the post popular for patients and an excellent business builder.

  • Simple Lip Filler Treatment with Needle & Cannula
  • Perioral treatments
  • Oral Commisure treatment

Dermal Filler Course :

Future Proof Your Career

Facial Aesthetic Courses supports patient safety and clinical excellence. This is why we offer dermal filler training to the required professional at a Higher Educational standard. Email us today for more information on our dermal filler training course:

Facial Aesthetic Courses Dermal Filler Course
Dermal Filler 1 Day Course
£1000.00 (ex VAT)

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