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Our Approach to Teaching and Practicing Dermal Filler Training Courses

This course is perfect for those clinicians wishing to gain skills in the popular injection technique of dermal fillers. This dermal fillers training course is great for both clinical and aesthetic treatments. By then end of the dermal fillers training the participant should have:

  • Made use of the live models and training available
  • Confidence in using Injectables
  • Learned useful skills
  • Used the video (E-learning) to their advantage

At Facial Aesthetic Courses, we put a huge emphasis on both the practical and the theory learning of our participants. We also rely heavily on E-learning for a huge part of our learning. E-learning is an easy way for participants to gain a full understanding of what is required of them. As well as this, the E-learning module provides participants with useful and helpful information on the course. During this advanced dermal filler training, you will be accomplished in administration and aftercare of patients. This will ensure that you give an all-around excellent dermal fillers experience for any patients.

Get Hands-On Dermal Filler Training from the Best Practitioners in FACE UK

The theory is covered via in-depth pre-course E-learning. This is mandatory to complete before coming to the hands on course in order to establish a knowledge and understanding of procedures.

This full day will take you through everything you need to know about the cosmetic uses of dermal fillers. By the end of the day, we aim to have developed your knowledge and skills to a level that you can assess, plan and deliver a comprehensive treatment plan for all areas of the face.

Course Itinerary:

8:45 amArrival
9-10:45 amPeer to Peer discussion, review of e-learning.
11am-12:30 Models live injecting
1-4pmModels live injecting
4-5pmMarketing, ordering, reflection, feedback and certificates.

More about this course

Aesthetic treatments are like restoring a damaged building; you should begin with the end in mind.

First we make a diagnosis, much like an architect will draw a plan.

Then we decide how best to restore the building (or face) by choosing our materials.

This helps us form a treatment plan, prices are discussed and only then do we the builders (or practitioners) begin their work.

Traditional aesthetic courses have based their teaching on the builders starting to build, without really considering what is that they want to achieve, or if it is truly the best and most effective treatment for the patient.

Starting with our online pre-course modules you will be provided with all the information you need on aesthetics, from the science and biology behind the treatments and products, to learning about the ageing face and the most effective interventions we can make as aesthetic practitioners. You will also learn how to effectively manage any complications before you see a patient.

Then, on the course we will ensure all this knowledge has been translated into effective treatment planning for our patients.

The first practical element will be teaching you how to build (or inject) safely and effectively.

Hyaluronic Acid can be injected with a needle or a cannula. Again, we will show you how to use both.

You will then be allowed to practice on live patient models, treating common treatment areas such as fine lines and wrinkles, nasiolabial folds, marionette lines and simple lip rejuvenation and enhancement.

Once you have applied these skills and wish to advance to the next level, you may attend our Advanced Masterclasses.

Do I need to bring a model?

No. We supply all models for the hands on training. However if you would like to attend with a model, you are very welcome. Please do give us notice for our clinic timings.

Dermal Filler Training:

Who Is This Course for?

This is a beginners course that teaches participants the art of of dermal filler injections. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate in injections, this course would be great for you. We have had hundreds of individuals attend our Dermal filler training courses and aesthetic clinic. All of which have had an educational experience and gained new skills. Having new skills under your belt is vital in the cosmetics field. Technology and innovation run alongside each other when it comes to dermal filler training.

New advances in technology are added daily to the aesthetic cosmetic field.  As well as this, there is a huge demand and competition within the cosmetics field. For this reason, you need to stay in the loop. Having this dermal filler training under your belt will help you to gain a competitive advantage over others in the cosmetics field. Therefore, if you are looking to gain new skills and learn the latest in gold standard treatment protocols and techniques, then this course if for you.

Dermal Filler Training Courses :

What You Need to Know

At Facial Aesthetic Courses, we aim to give you the highest standard of training and help when it comes to dermal filler training. For this reason, we ensure that what we provide is efficient when it comes to Injectables. Here is everything that you should know about our dermal filler training courses:

  • Intimate learning (max 4:1 trainee: tutor)
  • Cannula and Needle techniques
  • Teoxane Dermal Fillers ( Teosyal & RHA portfolio)
  • Full face assessment & treatment planning
  • In-depth anatomy tutorials
  • Live patient injecting (multiple models per trainee)
  • Complications prevention & management
  • Hyaluronidase Tutorial
  • Business & marketing support
  • Competency assessed

As well as this, the dermal fillers course includes different areas of the face. You will be trained in many different areas of the face, where dermal fillers can be injected. As safety is extremely important to us, we put satisfactory training procedures in place to ensure that participants are proficient in each area. These include Mid & Lower face treatment areas:

  • Cheeks/ Midface augmentation
  • Nasio-Labials
  • Perioral
  • Marionette

Therefore, participants will be fully learned in each individual areas of the face. Meaning that they will be able to give dermal fillers adequately to patients.

Dermal Filler Course :

Future Proof Your Career

Facial Aesthetic Courses supports patient safety and clinical excellence. This is why we offer dermal filler training to the required professional at a Higher Educational standard. We have also established our own Clinic in order to allow participants to meet these requirements in a genuine clinical environment. Email us today for more information on our dermal filler training course: info@faceuk.co.uk

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