Combined Botox and Dermal Fillers Course
£1850.00 (ex VAT)

Combined Course

Botox and Dermal Filler Courses

Facial Aesthetic Courses now offer a two-day combination course which includes the 1-day dermal filler course as well as the 1-day Botulinum Toxin course. By combining these two courses you can give yourself a professional advantage by expanding your skill-set and knowledge over a two-day period.

Facial Aesthetic Courses specialise in providing expert training in botox and fillers. We have a vision to provide a unique learning platform for professionals. We do this through the use of pre-course e-learning, verifiable online CPD and by continuously offering support and advice to individuals throughout their practicing career.

Our Botox and dermal filler courses have been designed so that practitioners of all levels and disciplines can attend. Facial Aesthetic Courses operate this combined Botox and filler course in our Glasgow and London training centres.

Botox & Fillers Course – Here’s the scoop!

The Full Face Approach to Toxin and Fillers

The first day of the Botox and Fillers course will take you through everything you need to know about the cosmetic uses of botulinum toxin. By the end of the day our aim is to develop your knowledge and skills to a level that you can assess, plan and deliver a comprehensive anti-wrinkle treatment for all areas of the face. This Botox qualification could give you a professional advantage that could help to further your career. Facial Aesthetic Courses provide dermal filler and Botox training in London and Glasgow, therefore whether you are based in Scotland,  England or anywhere in the UK  we can accommodate you.

We deliver both of these courses over a two day period to ensue the training is varied and in-depth, extremely hands on and comprehensive.

What make this the best botox course in the UK?

We teach you how to provide upper and lower face treatments safely, to ensure your patients receive a full-face approach. Our Botox and dermal filler courses are the best in the industry and with our industry-leading, experienced trainers, we can develop your skill set and knowledge of aesthetics.

We provide continuing support to our delegates after all our courses, including our Botox and Filler course. We do so with online CPD modules and lots of further reading if you are interested. We also have an online forum for all our practitioners to discuss cases, post photographs or ask questions. Let us learn and grow together!

When you feel ready to take on more advanced treatments and cases, you are invited to attend one of our advanced masterclass sessions.

Traditional aesthetic courses focus on teaching only the basic treatment applications of botulinum toxin injections first.  This often leaves the you without the proper knowledge to provide a comprehensive treatment for your patients. Therefore, you feel the need to attend further courses to learn the rest or, even worse, you lose all confidence and stop providing the treatments altogether.

With Facial Aesthetic Courses our approach is different. We have taken your needs into account and our teaching is based on a holistic, comprehensive approach to providing anti-wrinkle treatments.

Our online pre-course modules are designed for you to learn as much as possible beforehand, so that you can focus on the practical element of the treatments and get as much hands on training as possible on the day.

Combined Botox and Dermal Fillers Course
£1850.00 (ex VAT)

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