Cheek & Mid-face Aesthetic Masterclass
£650.00 (ex VAT)

Our Cheek and Mid-face Aesthetic Masterclass will give you the skills and expertise to restore the mid-face and tear trough, and provide excellent results for your clients.

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Advanced Midface & Mid-face applications:

  • Advanced anatomy
  • Advanced cheek and tear trough injection strategies
  • Perio-orbital rejuvenation injection and cannulation methods
  • Mid-face and cheek strategy by injection or cannulation
  • In depth product rheology
  • Managing complications

This course is designed to YOU the knowledge and skills needed equip to restore the mid-face and cheek. Spend a day with our expert facial aesthetic practitioners and learn a range of different techniques to advance your skills. Having advanced aesthetics training under your belt will give you wider job opportunities. As well as this, undergoing this will ensure that you always meet you client expectations without the need to refer elsewhere. The demand for Cheek and Mid-face treatment are always going to be high.

Facial Aesthetic Courses offer a number of great courses that have a syllabus carefully crafted by our well respected expert injectors. Take a look at are other courses which cover the full face.

Everything You Need to Know

All about FAC’s Advanced Cheek & Mid-face Filler Training Courses in the UK

We want you to learn as much useful information as possible while you participate in our advanced aesthetics training and we have developed our masterclasses to give you all the information you need to take on more complex cases.

Our expert trainers at Facial Aesthetic Courses believe that there is no better learning that small group learning. For this reason, course numbers are limited for more intimate training. In a big group of people, you are not going to get the same teaching and level of support and hands on experience. With this limited amount of participants per course, we ensure that you are given the adequate amount of training. As well as this our aesthetic courses include:

  • Anatomy review and important considerations.
  • The role of hyalase and how to use for corrections and in an emergency
  • Facial Assessment and advanced treatment planning
  • Cannula Training
  • Training using electronic delivery devices such as the Teopen as included

We thrive to give you everything that you need to gain your relevant certification. This cosmetic course is fully designed to get you there. Our specialists give you everything you need during this cosmetic course, including knowledge, hands-on experience and mentoring.

Cheek & Mid-face Aesthetic Masterclass
£650.00 (ex VAT)

What are the

Topics Covered within Our Cheek & Mid-face Filler Aesthetic Masterclass

This course is designed to address volume changes in the mid face and infraorbital region of the face.

Advanced hyaluronic acid applications:

  • Brow and temple injection strategy
  • Perio-orbital rejuvenation injection and cannulation methods
  • Mid-face and cheek strategy by injection or cannulation
  • Allergan 5-point cheek reshape

Advanced Botox applications: NA

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    Mentoring at

    Facial Aesthetic Courses

    Our mentors will be there throughout your journey, giving you a helping hand if and when you need it. We fully understand how tough it may be or how hard some of the challenges are to overcome. We ourselves are learned in aesthetics medicine. Therefore, we will be able to give you all the help and advice you need. Our mentors will be there for you, not matter what. We will be a support system for you and give you all the help you need.

    Our friendly and well-versed mentors will be there to answer any clinical questions you have, as well as, any course work queries you may have. Any questions you have we will answer. Put your trust in us today and we will deliver. Contact us today by call or email and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Achieve Excellence via Facial Aesthetic’s Cheek & Mid-face Training Courses in Glasgow

    Here at Facial Aesthetic Courses we fully support and thrive to achieve patient safety and clinical excellence. For this reason, we offer advanced aesthetics training to the required professional at a higher educational standard. This is why we have also established our own clinic, in order to allow participants to meet these requirements in a genuine clinical environment.

    Facial Aesthetic courses is leading the revolution of advanced aesthetics training away from weekend courses towards a more comprehensive, competency-based certification as per other training pathways in medical specialities. Call us today for more information on our aesthetic training courses! We are always happy to help and answer any questions that you have about any courses that we offer.

    Cheek & Mid-face Aesthetic Masterclass
    £650.00 (ex VAT)

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