FAC Ltd take confidentiality of our clients very seriously and adhere to data protection principles as directed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR 2018. We comply with the legislative terms of the security and confidentiality of your personal data and privacy. More details can be found on our Privacy Policy

This document provides details of Facial Aesthetic Courses Ltd (FAC Ltd) Ltd full terms and conditions in relation to Model Treatments. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully

By using our website and online booking service you are agreeing with and accepting our Terms and Conditions.

In accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to the following conditions as set by FAC Ltd.

1. Making an informed choice

The wellbeing and safety of our selected models is of paramount importance. In choosing to be an aesthetic model with us it is vitally important that prior to having treatment you understand and are aware of

  1. The possible risks associated with cosmetic treatments.
  2. The information on our website or marketing material does not constitute professional advice.
  3. You are aware of and are accepting that your treatments are being administered in a clinical training environment by medical health care professionals who are treating you whilst in the process of aesthetic training.

In addition to the information we provide we recommend that prior to opting for treatment you seek information and advice from other independent bodies to ensure you have the factual information to make an informed choice.

Throughout the course of engagement with us we will, as far as is practicable and upon request, provide you with information on the treatments you are considering. This will include but will not be restricted to, suitability for treatment, treatment procedures, possible side effects/risks and realistic expectation.

All questions regarding treatments will be answered honestly with emphasis on health and wellbeing, treatment suitability and expected outcomes.

In agreeing to our terms and conditions you are accepting of the fact that FAC Ltd accept no liability on anything arising from your failure to fully understand the aesthetic effects and associated risks of cosmetic treatments.

2. Expectations – Treatment Outcomes

FAC Ltd cannot guarantee that you will achieve the same results as those shown on promotional material such as website and brochures images. We cannot guarantee the lasting effects of treatments; however, we will endeavor to give you the best possible treatment outcome.

3. Medical History and Consent

When you arrive at the clinic to be a treatment model on the date of your chosen course it is a requirement that you complete a medical questionnaire the contents of which will enable our practitioners to determine your suitability for treatment. Should we consider you unfit for treatment we will give you our considered view that will be based primarily with your welfare in mind.

4. Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

some of the treatments that we offer are unsuitable for anyone who is, trying to conceive, pregnant or breast feeding. It is imperative that you inform us of your status prior to having treatments.

5. Accurate Disclosure

It is very important that you provide accurate full medical history, details of any prescribed medication and pregnancy status. Each and every time you consult with us we will ask that these details are declared. It is the individual’s responsibility to inform us of any changes from previous declarations. The information provided at this stage will form part of our assessment to determine suitability.

6. Suitability Assessment

No form of treatment will be agreed until the following has been confirmed or taken place

61. Age restriction

We have age restrictions on the following treatments

Derma Filler –Lips Restricted to 18 Years of age and above

Derma Filler – Face –Restricted to 21 Years of age and above

Botulin Toxin – All Treatments – Restricted to 21 years of age and above

Acceptance Criteria -ID Provision

Our acceptance criteria requires that on the day you attend to be a treatment model you confirm your identity and age by providing in original format photographic ID in form of driving License or Passport with proof of address .

Should you attend without this ID we will refuse to treat you. This may incur an admin charge

6. 2. Health, Medical and Aesthetic History

  1. You will be provided with and asked to complete a medical questionnaire detailing all required information giving an accurate account of your historical and current health, in medical, medication and aesthetic treatment terms
  2. Once completed you will be asked to sign this medical questionnaire form declaring that the information you have provided is a true and accurate account of your medical status and history.
  3. Clinical photographs form part of the medical records and these will be taken prior to and after treatments.

7. Consent for Treatment

In choosing to be a treatment Model you are confirming that:

  1. All the information you provide to us is a true account of your past and current medical and medication history including full details of previous aesthetic treatments.
  2. Any medication or food allergies and intolerances have been declared to us
  3. You have read and understood all the information that we have provided, verbally through discussion, including any documentation provided and on our website
  4. You are aware of and are accepting that your treatments are being administered in a clinical training environment by medical health care professionals who are treating you whilst in the process of aesthetic training.
  5. You have full understanding of the aesthetic treatments you have chosen and the possible risks and side effects.
  6. You have raised and alleviated any concern/ fears you had with our clinicians prior to undergoing treatments.
  7. You accept that post treatment you are responsible for carrying out any special instructions, requirements and after care as recommended by us.
  8. You are NOT Pregnant
  9. You meet our age restrictions on chosen treatments

8. Treatment Fees

Our Model treatment fee is as shown on our website at the time of purchase. Charges are in pounds sterling excluding Vat. The fee entitles you to

  • 1 Botulin Toxin Treatment as chosen by you and as deemed suitable for you by our lecturing practitioner


  • 1 Derma Filler treatment as deemed suitable by the lecturing practitioner up to the maximum of 2 syringes,

1 Botulin Toxin Treatment as chosen by you and as deemed suitable for you by our lecturing practitioner Or Additional filler treatments may be purchased in consultation with the lecturing practitioner should it be deemed a suitable treatment for you.

9. Consideration of Chosen Treatment

We will assess whether the treatment you have chosen is suitable and appropriate for you. We reserve the right to refuse a treatment we consider unsuitable for you. We will inform you of the reason for refusal and may offer the option of and advice on a more suitable alternative

10. Treatment Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse treatment at any time if we feel that you are unsuitable for any reason. Should this situation arise we will refund the amount paid to us. We will not reimburse any other outgoings or expenses incurred.

11. Limited Liability

FAC Ltd will not be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of a model’s failure to disclose relevant information of a medical and non -medical nature regardless of the reason for non-disclosure.

12. Clinical Photographs

Photographs will be taken before and in some cases after having treatments to monitor the effects of your treatment. Your photographs will be kept securely and viewed only by our practitioners and clinic staff who administer or who are involved with your treatment records. These photographs will form part of your clinical records that are held securely by FAC Ltd.

13. Training and Marketing Material

Occasionally we may wish to use your clinical photographs for training or marketing material. If you wish to opt out of this practice please make your wishes known to us in writing.

14. Our Course Lecturers and Trainee Practitioners

Our trainee practitioners are all medical professionals. Our lecturing clinicians are Medical Professionals and trained Aesthetic Practitioners whose role is to mentor and teach our trainee practitioners on the administration of treatments to our models and in doing so will oversee model treatments. Part of the training may also involve the lecturer carrying out model treatments whilst trainee practitioners observe.

15. Treatment Review

Post treatment it is important that you follow the guidelines given in our literature. However should you feel the need to contact us in relation to concerns following treatments please contact us by email at:

If you feel acutely unwell please go to your nearest A&E in the first instance.

16. Accompanied Persons and Children

Unfortunately for legal, Health & Safety and insurance purposes we cannot allow children or anyone under the age of 18 years of age access to our premises. Nor can we allow anyone who is not participating in the actual training processes.

17. Special Requests

If you have any special requests that are not covered in this document please speak to our course coordinator to allow us to consider your needs.

18. Bookings and Cancellation of Bookings

By making a booking and payment for a treatment you are confirming that you are the individual named in the booking who will be attending the course for treatment. Please note

  • Bookings are not transferable and as such bookings cannot be made in respect of another individual.
  • Each person must complete a separate booking form.
  • Should you wish to purchase more than one treatment these purchases must be utilized by you

Your model place will be reserved for you. It is your sole responsibility to attend at the appointed time and date. If you cancel your appointed place fees will be chargeable as follows

  1. Cancellations made 7 days prior to the appointed scheduled date will incur no cancellation fees
  2. Cancellations less than 7 days before the appointed scheduled date will incur a 50% admin fee
  3. Cancellations on the day or failure to attend – no refund given

19. Withdrawal of a course

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel the course and or reschedule your treatment session we will give you the choice of a full refund or a rescheduled session. In such situations we are unable to refund incurred expenses

20. Your right to make a complaint

FAC Ltd endeavors to treat all our service users in a professional manner treating everyone with fairness,dignity and respect.
We aim to ensure that all models receive the appropriate care and respect. It is important to us to ensure that you have a positive experience and outcome. If you have cause for concern you can contact us in the first instance by discussing the matter with our Clinical Coordinator whose contact details can be found on our website.

We take complaints about any aspect of our service very seriously. If you consider that our services have fallen short of your expectations we want to hear from you. You can email us at:

We will acknowledge your complaint within 21 days. At this time you will be informed of the way that we intend to investigate and attempt to resolve the matter.


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