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Delegate Terms and Conditions

FAC Ltd respects the confidentiality of our customers and adheres to data protection principles as directed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR 2018. We comply with the legislative terms on the security and confidentiality of your personal data and privacy. More details can be found on our Privacy Policy.

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. By using our website and online booking service you are agreeing with and accepting our Terms and Conditions. In accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to the following conditions as set by FAC Ltd.

1. Acceptance Criteria for Training.

At FAC Ltd our training courses are restricted to registered medical healthcare professionals namely Doctors, Dentists Nurses, Dental Therapists, and Pharmacists who hold current unrestricted registration status with the appropriate professional regulators such as GMC, GDC and NMC.

As part of our registration process and training acceptance protocol we will ask for proof of professional registration and personal identification.

Professional Qualification Registration & Personal Identification.

To comply with our acceptance criteria you are required to provide proof of your medical qualification registration and personal identity.

You must provide the following –

Medical Qualification and Registration Documentation
Photo ID – A valid Driving License photocard
A valid passport and a bank statement or similar document for proof of address

We will ask for this information in two stages:


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Stage 1 Enrolment.

We will accept the required documentation via email in document image format. Full information and instructions on providing this to us will be detailed in our welcome letter issued to you following your booking. Upon receipt and verification this will form acceptance and access to our e-learning material.

Stage 2 Practical Training Day.

We require that you present in person the required documentation in original format on the actual training day. Failure to provide this documentation on the day you attend, regardless of circumstance will result in refusal of access and our right to refuse a refund or reimbursement of any costs incurred.

2. Verification of Professional and Personal Information.

FAC Ltd will carry out checks to verify all the information you provide to us. Fraudulent attempts to access our services will be referred to the relevant legal authorities.

3. Course Fees.

All prices quoted on our website are in GBP and are subject to Vat.

4. Booking and Course Registration.

In making a booking you are confirming that you are the person named in the booking and as such you are the medical professional who will be attending the training.

Course bookings are not transferable.

5. Booking Confirmation.

A booking confirmation and welcome letter will be sent to the email address provided on the booking form. Our welcome letter will assist you in the processes that are required for full enrolment .You should follow the instructions and retain for future reference. You should carefully check the details shown as soon as you receive it. If any of the details are incorrect or incomplete you must immediately email us at:


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6. Pre Course Training Material.

Our online material is a prerequisite for the training day. Access to this study material is made available to you once full enrollment is complete.

This pre practical learning forms the basis of the necessary theory. Completion of this study material is vital to enable a competent approach to the treatment processes which is a necessary outcome for achieving course certification.

It is conditional that following access to this training material no refund will be given should you decide to cancel your attendance for the practical training day, regardless of when that cancellation is made. You will however be given the option to reschedule to another course date as it becomes available.

7. Copyright.

Throughout the course of your engagement with us you will have access to our training materials both electronically and in paper format. These are and remain the property of FAC Ltd and should not be copied, shared or used for any purpose other than in the course of your training.

8. Models.

We ask that you bring your own model on the training day. Our experience in the industry shows that trainees who bring their own model for the practical sessions have much to gain from singular access to their own model. In addition there will be the opportunity to apply treatments to the others models in attendance on the day.

All models must be 18 years and over and the following restrictions apply :-
Lip Fillers – minimum age 18 years – All Facial Treatments – minimum age 21 years.

On receipt of your course booking we will provide model registration forms for completion by your designated model. This information will be vetted by our team to determine suitability.

We conduct a suitability vetting procedure on all models and aim to provide a sufficient number of models to complement the training day. Secondary consultation on the training day is a vital part of our processes and may result in a model being refused a particular treatment. This in turn may mean the course practitioner has a lower number of models to fully cover all aspects of the course. Should this situation arise we will provide you with a complimentary place on a future course to ensure you have adequate opportunity of practical application. Unfortunately we are unable to reimburse course fees or any expenses incurred as a result.

9. Competency for Certification.


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Certification is achieved at the discretion of the Lecturing Practitioner who will be assessing your competence both theoretical and practical throughout the training period. Where it is considered that you have not achieved the desired competences we will provide relative feedback in support of our decision. In order to help you progress on your training journey we would also support you in further training by offering you a place on a future course at a reduced fee.

FAC Ltd reserve the right to withhold course certification until we are satisfied that an acceptable level of competency is attained.

10. Course Certification- Professional Registration.

Our Certificate of course completion will bear the name as shown on the relevant Professional Register. We cannot waiver from this regardless of the reason for name change whether that is as a result of marriage or other circumstance.

11. Cancellations.

Should you wish to cancel your booking you can do so by replying to your booking confirmation email or notify us in writing at:

12. Refunds on Cancellation.
Paragraph 6 explains the condition whereby fees are non-refundable following access to our

online course material. The following rules apply:
Cancellation within 14 days of payment and no later than 14 days before the course date.

A full refund will be given to those who have not been provided access to E –learning material; otherwise you will be given the right to reschedule to another course date.

Cancellation made later than 14 days prior to the course.

The right to reschedule to a later scheduled course date.

Cancellation made later than 7 days prior to the course

A 50% admin fee and right to reschedule to a later scheduled course date.

13. Failure to Attend

No refund will be given for failure to attend on the scheduled training day.


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14. Withdrawal of Course

In the unlikely event that we have to withdraw a course we will provide the choice of a full refund or a place on an alternative course. This does not apply to minor changes or events resulting from unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control whereby we would offer an alternative course date. In either circumstance we would not be liable to pay any expenses incurred.

15. Complaints Procedure:

Should you be in anyway dissatisfied with our services please write to us at:

We will endeavor to respond to you within 21 days to review and investigate the matter.


FAC Ltd Delegate T&Cs updated 11.9.2020

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