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    Botox Training Courses in London Botox Courses & Aesthetic Training London

    Facial Aesthetic Courses provide a number of professional aesthetic courses in London which are designed to further your training skills and knowledge in the area of cosmetic injections. If you are looking for aesthetic training in London, then choose US to provide you with the skills to progress your career.

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    The aesthetic courses in London we provide include the following:

    Dermal Fillers Course

    Botox Course

    Combined Course

    Level 7 Injectables

    Lip & Perioral Masterclass

    Dermal Fillers Course London

    This 1-day cosmetic courses in London is ideal for any trained clinician who wishes to gain skills in lip fillers. These 1-day lip filler courses in London are ideal for aesthetic treatments. At the end of this dermal fillers 1-day course you will have confidence in using injectables as you will have made use of the live models and training which is available.

    In order for you to fully appreciate the skills you will learn on the practical elements you must prepare in advance by using our e-learning tools. We place such a large emphasis on e-learning as it allows you, as a participant to understand what will be expected of you during this aesthetic training in London.

    Whilst participating in lip filler courses in London you will learn the importance of professional administration and the aftercare of patients. This will allow you to know what will be expected of you from your patients after you leave.

    Who is Dermal Filler Training for?

    Our 1-day dermal filler course is ideal for any nurse, doctor or dentist who seeks to expand their professional skills and increase their job opportunities in the aesthetic community. Lip filler courses in London can teach you the skills needed to broaden your opportunities in the field of cosmetics. If you gain your aesthetic training in London with The Face Academy, you will be gaining your qualifications in one of the most respected companies in the UK for aesthetics training.

    If you are interested in our aesthetic courses in London, then get in touch today to book in for your next aesthetic training course.

    Offering Any-Level Botox Training Courses in London

    As with all of our courses, our 1-day Botox courses in London are split between e-learning and practical work. The e-learning will allow you to back up what you will learn in the practical work and give you a well-rounded learning experience. If you wish to make the most of your aesthetic courses in London with The Face Academy, then you should participate in the e-learning to allow you to be prepared for what you will learn in the practical training.

    Botox Courses London: The Face Academy Approach

    All the theory which will be applicable to our Botox courses in London will be covered in the e-learning material. It is essential to complete this prior to the practical side of the learning, in order to ensure that you have a full understanding of the procedures you will be carrying out.

    On the day of the course you will learn everything out will need to know about the uses of Botox in cosmetics. By the end of our Botox courses in London you will be able to assess, plan and administer a treatment plan for all areas of the face.

    Combined Aesthetic Training Courses London

    We now offer combined cosmetic courses in London for dermal fillers and Botox. This two –day combined course will allow you to complete the Botox course on day one and by the end of day two you will also have completed the dermal fillers course. When booking these combined aesthetic courses in London you receive a 10% discount off the prices you would have paid separately.

    These combines cosmetic courses in London are perfect for those who wish to condense their learning into one weekend.

    Lip & Perioral Masterclass London

    During our lip & perioral masterclass you will learn about a number of facial injections, lip fillers and lower face treatments. As with all of our cosmetic courses in London the work begins in your own time at home. You do so with the use of our e-learning tools, these are top of the line learning tools which have been designed to make the most of your practical learning. The practical work you will then do on our aesthetic courses in London will back up what you have learned through the e-learning.

    Advanced Aesthetics Masterclass London

    We take all of our aesthetic courses in London seriously and want you to learn as much as possible at our advanced aesthetics masterclass. This is why we would encourage you to inform us of two or three treatment interests you have and we will aim to cover as many of these as possible at the masterclass.

    If you have any questions about our aesthetics masterclass or any of our other cosmetics courses in London, then give us a call and one of our advisors can give you more information!

    Aesthetic Courses Pricing

    At our training centre, we offer professional aesthetics courses in London at the following prices (all prices excluding VAT):

    • Dermal Fillers 1 Day Course: £850
    • Botox 1 Day Course: £750
    • Combined Course, Dermal Fillers & Botox 2 Day Course: £1440
    • Any Single Masterclass: £650
    • Any Two Aesthetic Masterclass: £1100

    If you require any more information on any of the courses we provide, get in touch today!