All-Level Practitioner Courses Such as Botox Training Courses in Glasgow Aesthetic Courses

Facial Aesthetic Courses in Glasgow offers top of the range, professional aesthetic training courses to practitioners. If you are looking for a cosmetic injection course in Scotland, then our Glasgow training centre is the perfect place to develop your skills within aesthetic training. The Face Academy provides various aesthetic training courses including Botox training in Glasgow. The aesthetic training courses we provide at our Glasgow location include:

Dermal Fillers Course

Botox Course

Combined Course

Level 7 Injectables

Lip & Perioral Masterclass

Dermal Fillers Course Glasgow

This course is perfect for those clinicians wishing to gain skills in the popular injection technique of dermal fillers 1-day course. This aesthetic training course is great for both clinical and aesthetic treatments. By then end of this dermal fillers course in Glasgow the participant should have:

  • Made use of the live models and training available
  • Confidence in using injectables
  • Learned useful skills
  • Used the video (E-learning) to their advantage

Facial Aesthetic Courses put a huge emphasis on both the practical and the theory learning of our participants. We also rely heavily on E-learning for a huge part of our learning. E-learning is an easy way for participants to gain a full understanding of what is required of them. As well as this, the E-learning module provides participants with useful and helpful information on the course. During this advanced dermal filler training, you will be well versed in administration and aftercare of patients. This will ensure that you give an all-around Botox experience for any patients.

Who is Dermal Filler Training for?

This advanced dermal filler course could be beneficial for any nurse, dentist or doctor who wishes to increase their job opportunities. Our 1-day dermal filler course can give you the skills and knowledge to broaden your opportunities within the field of cosmetics. The Face Academy is one of the most respected places in the UK to gain this advanced dermal filler training qualification.

If you are interested in our aesthetic courses in Glasgow, then get in touch today to book in for your next aesthetic training course.

Botox Courses in Glasgow, Botox Training & More for Practitioners

Our Botox courses in Glasgow are split between e-learning and practical work. We structure our Botox training in Glasgow this way to ensure that each student is given a complete learning experience. Students are expected to participate in the e-learning if they wish to make the most of this aesthetic training course. When it comes to the practical side of things this will be carried out with a skilled member of our team. During the course of the day they will provide you with any assistance you may need. Once you have completed the practical side of the advanced dermal filler training you will need to complete e-learning to solidify and back up everything you have learned in the classroom during your practical Botox training in Glasgow.

Facial Aesthetic Courses Botox Courses

Botox Training Glasgow: Our Approach

The theory is covered via in-depth pre-course E-learning. This is mandatory to complete before coming to the hands of course in order to establish a knowledge and understanding of procedures.

This full day will take you through everything you need to know about the cosmetic uses of Botox. By the end of the day, we aim to have developed your knowledge and skills to a level that you can assess, plan and deliver a comprehensive treatment plan for all areas of the face.

Facial Aesthetic Courses Level-7 Injectables

Combined Aesthetic Training Courses Glasgow

If you are interested in both of these aesthetic training courses in Glasgow, then you can now book onto our combined Botox and dermal filler 2-day course. In doing so you will receive a 10% discount off the total, meaning if you wish to participate in both of these aesthetic courses then you are wise to book them both together. On day 1 of this cosmetic injection course you will complete your Botox training in Glasgow and by the end of day 2, you will also have completed the dermal fillers course.

Level 7 Injectables Glasgow

This cosmetic injection course is a higher qualification for new and current aesthetic injectors who currently practice in Botox and Dermal Fillers. This cosmetic injection course has been specifically designed to comply with the new HEE (Health Education England) and GMC (General Medical Council) guidelines for cosmetic medicine.

Therefore, this Level 7 in Injectables meets all the current guidelines set out by HEE and can both new and current practitioners can complete this cosmetic injection course.

Before sitting this cosmetic injection course participants must complete a number of different E-Learning units prior to the course.

Lip & Perioral Masterclass Glasgow

At this 1-day masterclass you will learn about various popular face injections, mid & lower face treatments and well as lip fillers. As with all of our aesthetic training courses your training begins in your own time at home, with our various e-learning tools. We will back up the learning you do online through our practical work. During this one-day Lip & Perioral masterclass you will witness a number of presentations on the following areas:

  • Lip Enhancement & Beautification
  • Peri-Oral Lines
  • Marionette Lines
  • Chin & Jawline Sculpting

Advanced Aesthetics Masterclass

At our 1-day Advanced Aesthetics Masterclass you will spend the day with one of our facial aesthetic practitioners and learn a range of different techniques to advance your skills. Having this advanced aesthetic training course under your belt will give you wider job opportunities!

In order for us to cover what is most important to you we encourage you to inform us of 2-3 particular treatment interests and we will endeavour to cover all of these on the course. We take into consideration what you want to learn on an individual basis.

Available Courses

At our Glasgow aesthetic training centre, we offer the following professional facial aesthetic courses.

  • Dermal Fillers 1 Day Course
  • Botox 1 Day Course
  • Combined Course, Dermal Fillers & Botox 2 Day Course
  • Lip & Perioral Masterclass
  • Advanced Masterclasses

Information and pricing can be found on our booking page.

What We Do

The Face Academy is a platform within the cosmetics industry which provides ethical facial aesthetic training in the UK. Our mission is to deliver clinical excellence in facial aesthetic training which is delivered in a completely safe, minimally invasive way that will ensure the highest level of training. We wish to pass down our values of care and excellent results for our patients through the students we train.

The idea of the Face Academy is not to simply provide a training course for individuals but to create a support network that can continually develop and support individuals throughout their career in aesthetics. We want to share our vision and enthusiasm for cosmetic aesthetics with all who join The Face Academy.